Some of the industries that we work with....


We help the engineering companies to get there deliveries out to their clients on our Flat bed trucks that are easlier to load and unload with there forklifft trucks.  


We have been dealing with various printing companies all over east london since we've opened. Alot has changed with their need's, but the thing that has never changed, is the fact they are always on tight dead lines and are always asking us to do the impossible. We try our hardest to match their need's to the best of our ability. This maintains a good loyal friendship with us and their customers. 


Metal Fabrication
We deal with a handful of metal fabrication compaines. They use us for express deliveries and tight access delivery points when their large lorry don't fit.


As we have found out it's not always stright forward delviering to airports and shipping docks. This is where we come into the equation. Alot of freight companies require our need's to help them get the job done in time, as we will travel through out the night and have the right people to get it done with no fuss.

Since having our flat bed trucks, we have acquired some artist type customers, they have trusted us to deliver their priced sculptures through out england.

Building Suppliers
A good percentage of our customer's are building supplier's. Alot of the time we have to collect the good's the night before and get to a delivery location before a certain time in  the morning. We have large van's at their disposal for the long length's that's too small for a lorry but too big for a small van.


Art/ Sculptures

With our careful drivers we delivery many art scuptures around the country



We have many Designers on our books that we deliver all over the UK for there exhibitions and manufacturing companies. 


Point of Sale (POS)

for many years now we have been delivering POS for some of the biggest names in the business we are always careful and on time with special time slots.



Angels often are delivering to the biggest exhibitions in UK no matter if its the highest point in scotland or the lowest in england we always get the delivery done.


Educational Equipment

In essex and London we are always collecting from schools, universities and colleges and delivering to the home's or offices of the students and teachers so no matter what the collection we will do our best to deliver the goods.



For many years now we have been delivering accounts from the companies house to the accountants. so know matter if its a letter, box or a pallet we have the van for you.


Legal Documents

We delivery many legal documents to courts and council offices that need to be there urgently and have priorty to make sure they arrive on time.


Building Suplliers

Most mornings we have to deliver building matierals to sites that have to be there earlier in the morning so we load up in the night and deliver the next morning. with our flat bed and curtain sider vans they are used mostly for the easy access for the fork lifts 



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