Specialised Vehicles - Flatbed Courier

Flat Bed Van

We Currently have 3 Flatbed trucks on our every growing fleet all with very helpful drivers.

Each of the flatbed couriers has a waterproof cover to protect your goods should you require us to do so.

Our Flatbed trucks can carry:

1200 kg in weight
3 metres high
2 metres wide
6 metres in length

All our flatbed trucks carry straps and corner protection to keep your goods secure.

 Many of our customers in the construction industry find it to be ideal for their needs as goods can be craned or forklifted off at the destination.





Tail Lift Luton

We currently have 2 luton's on our ever growing fleet.

The curtain-sider luton is very popular with our customer's due to it's large volume capacity of 17 cubic metres.

It can carry 800kg, 4 metres long, 2 meter's wide and 2.2 metres high.


Our Tail lift luton is great in and around tight space's with the 500kg tail lift. So if the van can't get there the pallet truck can.

It can carry 1000kg in weight, 1.95 metres wide, 4 metres long and 2.2 metres high.

This van is very popular with our freight moving companies as it can carry up to 6 euro pallets.





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